1. How does it work?

2. When will the box arrive?
-If you are already an active Ravel monthly subscriber, the boxes ship by the second week of the month.
-If you are a new subscriber, your box will ship no later than 10 days after sign up.
-On occasion, there are elements outside of our control that might hinder our ability to hold this promise. In those cases, we will be sure to communicate them to you and provide relevant updates.

3. What comes inside the Ravel Subscription Box?
Inside the box, you will find a beautiful standard, seasonal or celebrity inspired 100% human hair wig. We would like to ensure the longevity of your wig so we are including a Care Card and small shampoo and conditioner to assist with the upkeep of your new look.

4. How much is shipping?
Your monthly Ravel membership fee includes shipping.

5. When will my credit card be charged?
-If you are already an active Ravel monthly subscriber, you will be billed when your box ships.
-If you are a new subscriber, you will be billed on the day that you sign up. Please note that if you sign up at the end of the month, you will receive two boxes back to back, and your credit card will be charged accordingly.
-If you signed up for an annual subscription, your membership will renew on the 13th month of your original purchase. You will be notified by email before this transaction occurs.

6. How can I cancel my membership?
-Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Please visit your Customer Service page -To be sure you will not be billed for the next month's box, cancel by the last day of the month prior. For example, cancel on or before November 30th to avoid being charged for the December box.

7. Can I change my shipping address?
-You can update your shipping information at any time via the Customer Service
-Each month's your Ravel subscription is shipped during the first week of each month, so to ensure your changes are processed in time, be sure to update your information before the end of the month prior.

8. How long will my membership last?
-As long as you are enrolled in the Ravel Beauty program, we will continue to bill and send you a new box each month.

9. Why my profile is important?
-We want to learn more about our members! We aim to curate our selection of wigs to the Ravel subscribers as a whole and pick great samples for all.