About Us

You have to have fun with hair, it's a great accessory, play with it!

Our Mission:
Our mission is to change the way women shop for hair. We aim to make hair purchasing an experience that is convenient, affordable, and effortless.

We empower women to tap into their inner egos by trying new hairstyles

We motivate women to embrace their beauty truths while experiencing hair loss as a result of alopecia, cancer, etc.

We free women of financial stress by giving them access to monthly subscription options.

We embrace women of all backgrounds; beauty comes in all shades and hues.

Be your own kind of beautiful!

We Believe...
Hair is individual and limitless.

Women are given the freedom to express themselves through the way they wear their hair

Hair is a the ultimate accessory. Hair gives women the extra edge needed to conquer anything.

Be you, and wear a hair styles that is a reflection of who you are and what you would like to portray to the world. There is only one you so let it be known.

Birthed by a hairstylist

Ravel Beauty was created by a hair stylist who wanted to give women freedom in both purchasing hair and exploring hairstyles. We understand the importance of hair and we aim to give women a new hair purchasing experience. While providing them the space to be open in their hair choices. Its our way of life.

Ravel Beauty…
- Helps women to never stop exploring their options
- Acknowledges independence and self-reliance
- Promotes confidence allowing women to trust their own beauty
- Spices up life with variety
- Encourages a forever changing lifestyle
- Showcases the latest trends in the beauty industry
- Places routine in beauty regimens

We keep women in mind in all that we do, knowing they receive comfort and excitement in their desired hair choices; gives us happiness.

Your hair is your crown, never take it off!

Our Story...
Women love to explore new hair styles; it is said that women change their hair about 150 times in their lifetime. The problem is changing your hairstyle often can be expensive and finding a reliable hair company amongst thousands is time consuming. Damali Fils wanted to assist not only women that truly needed hair but also women that loved variety in hair. As a result she and her husband created Ravel Beauty to assure women that they no longer had to go with out changing their hairstyles if they wanted and they no longer had to shop around for a trusted hair company. Ravel Beauty makes it convenient, fun and effortless to shop for hair by offering a monthly hair subscription service. Today Ravel Beauty is changing the way women purchase hair extensions and wigs. We plan to reach women all over the world with a knock on the door and a box filled with endless hair possibilities.

Confidence breeds beauty

Our Founder
Ravel Beauty’s CEO and Co-Founder Damali Fils has been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years. The hair enterpriser resume covers working with celebrity clients such as Raven Symone, Vicky Jeudy, Angela Yee and Sunshine Anderson. Damali’s mission is to help women embrace their own beauty.

Working in the beauty industry, Damali has had the pleasure of working with some of the industry's top magazines such as Elle and Teen Vogue. She has also worked on catalog shoots for Urban Outfitters.

Damali Fils knew from the age of 14 that her passion was to in the beauty industry. Her motto is “you never know where you’re going, until you understand where you come from”. She comes from a small town where she was raised by a hard working single mother. Growing up Damali’s passion for hair showed in her neighborhood as she styled family, friends and even her teachers’ hair. Although her first instinct was to pursue hair school following high school, her father convinced her to pursue her college degree.

After pursuing and earning a degree in Business Management at The University of South Florida, she pursued her true passion of styling hair at Paul Mitchell the School. After years of working in the beauty industry (from salon ownership to styling celebrities) attempting to find the right fit, in 2017 Damali and her husband created Ravel Beauty. Allowing women to explore new hair styles, save money and shop with a trusted company; a hair subscription box service.

Damali believes your hair is your crown. It should always be worn and never taken off.

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